Facebook will add new tools for groups

The source – about.fb.com

Facebook announced some updates for groups:

  1. The main one is the designation "Group Expert", which will be another way to highlight the leading participants in the groups. Their posts and comments will now be highlighted. Group admins will be able to assign as many experts as they like. Facebook has been testing this option for the past few weeks.
  2. Administrators will be able to search for experts in specific topics outside their communities. They can then reach out to these users to engage them in discussions as experts. This potentially reduces the moderation burden for administrators. Initially, the choice will be limited to play and fitness groups.
  3. Facebook is also introducing a new "auto-invite" feature that will allow page managers who also manage groups to invite their most active page subscribers to join those groups.

Empowering engagement can be especially beneficial for brands, as many of their page followers may not know that there is an opportunity to communicate and find useful information in brand groups.


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