TrueView for Action campaign conversion to Video Action is available

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Google has allowed advertisers to copy a group of ads from TrueView for Action and paste them into Video Action as an adaptive

To copy TrueView for Action, you need to follow this list of steps: 

  1. Select the appropriate ads, click the "Edit" button, and select "Copy" from the drop-down menu. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C or Cmd + C.
  2. In the same drop-down menu click "Paste" or use Ctrl + V or Cmd + V. 
  3. Above the table with data about campaigns in the menu select "Insert ad group as adaptive".
  4. Click the "Check Ads" button in the popup window to see the changes you've made. 
  5. If the popup window has closed or does not appear, you will need to go to the Ads table in your account and use the filter to find ads with the "Paste as Adaptive Video Ads" mark in the Label column. Each label indicates the date the group with adaptive ads was inserted into the campaign: for example, "Inserted as Adaptive Video Ads 31.07.2021”.

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