Research: if the theme of the banner and the page are the same, it will lead to 14% more conversions

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Integral Ad Science conducted a study on how placement relevance affects banner performance.

His results confirmed that relevance increases the intention to make a purchase, the memorability of the brand and the ease of perception of advertising.

During the study, ads were placed on the first screens of relevant and irrelevant pages and the results were compared. According to the conclusions made, the relevance of:

  • increases the intention to make a purchase by 14%;
  • increases the attractiveness of the brand by 5%;
  • improves recognition: users who see relevant advertising are four times more likely to remember the brand;
  • shortens the time to contact the user: a website-relevant banner is noticed faster, on average - in 4 seconds against 10;
  • increases contact time: users stay 3% longer on relevant ads.
A study of the effectiveness of the banner

Also, during the survey, users called relevant advertising more interesting, more understandable and informative.


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