Added new bidding functions

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Added basic signals to the bid strategy report. Currently, Google users can view Key Signals only for campaigns that use a target CPA and maximum conversions. But in the future, these signals will become available to campaigns on the search network using targeted ROI and maximum conversion value. Signals let you know what factors influence the effectiveness of your campaign.

You can now apply seasonal bid adjustments at the manager account level, rather than creating them on a per-account basis. An advertiser can communicate expected changes in conversion rates due to upcoming events, such as product launches.

Bidding with the highest conversion value will be more successful with recommendations. These recommendations are planned to be displayed for eligible search campaigns, which will help the advertiser get more conversion value within the budget.

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Predicting performance is now easy with Target Impression Simulators. This change makes it easier to understand how adjusting your target impressions received can affect cost, impressions received, and clicks.


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