Telegram update: reactions, QR codes, hidden text

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In the latest update Telegram made available reactions, QR codes with a unique design, automatic translation of messages, hidden text and many other innovations.

Launch animated and interactive emoji 

Some of these emoji can now be used as reactions.

To send a quick 👍 reaction, double-tap the message. 

To select other reactions – like 😁 🎉 😱 🔥 👎 – tap the message once (for iOS: pinch it with your finger).

You can change the emoji for a quick response in Settings. 

On Android: Chat Settings > Quick Reaction. iOS: Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction.

In personal chats, reactions are enabled all the time. In groups and channels, administrators choose whether to allow reactions and which emoji will be available in the chat. 

They can enable reactions in the chat profile: Edit > Reactions. 

Hidden Text

You can highlight part of a typed message and apply "Hidden" formatting. This text does not show up in messages or in chat lists and alerts.

To view hidden text, simply tap it.

Message Translation

Telegram has launched a translation in any language of any message directly in the app.

The option can be enabled under Settings > Language. To translate a message, tap on it (for iOS: pinch your finger) and select Translate in the menu that appears. In the settings, you can select languages that do not need translation: for messages in these languages, the Translate button will be hidden.

To translate, your device must have iOS 15+ or any version of Android installed. The list of available languages depends on your operating system.

QR-codes with design options

You can generate a QR-code to go to the profile of any user who has a public link. You can create QR-codes for groups, channels and bots.

How to quickly create a QR-code: click a new icon next to the public link in a user or chat profile and select the appropriate colors and pattern. You can save, print, or send the code via Telegram or other applications. A QR-code for your own public link can be created in Settings.

Updated menus in the macOS app

In Telegram for macOS all right-click menus have been updated. So improved navigation and animated icons have been added for each menu item.


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