Google Ads API v8 launch announced

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The Google Ads Developer blog promises to post updated client libraries and examples next week. This is necessary in order to take advantage of the eighth version of the API, which was announced by Google.

The main changes introduced in the new version:

  1. Google added support to the API for running strategies for multiple accounts from one manager. There will also be a new resource, AccessibleBiddingStrategy, giving read-only access to all bidding strategies available to the client.
  1. It is now possible to get labels using the CustomerClient.applied_labels parameter under the guidance of a manager account.
  1. To support more features like advertising, the CallOnlyAdInfo parameter has been replaced with CallAdInfo. The updated parameter allows you to add text after the URL displayed in the ad using the CallAdInfo.path1 and CallAdInfo.path2 fields.
  1. Added support for downloading ClickConversion conversions with additional information about products sold.
  1. Several fields added to the TransactionAttribute and UserAttribute can be used to associate additional information about the item sold. Likewise, purchase records when loading user data using UserDataService or OfflineUserDataJobService.
  1. Google has added support for smart campaigns, which allows you to create, track and manage campaign types. The design guide states that when creating campaigns, an advertiser composes an ad, selects keyword topics based on targeting, and sets a budget. Ads will automatically appear on Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, or Google partner sites.


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