My Google Ads account has been blocked – what can I do?

There are so many ad campaigns launched today that it’s impossible to make them all successful. At least once advertisers encounter such a problem as having their account blocked – which means they cannot launch, create, and copy ad campaigns, nor can they refill a blocked account. Consider this popular situation.

If your Google Ads account is blocked, you will receive an email notification.

Google Ads account blocked. Account suspension notice

Fig. 1 – Notification from Google Ads

In addition, when you log in to your account, a violation notification will appear:

Block notification in Google Ads account

Fig. 2 – Account notification

In fact, the user initially knows that it is easy to block a Google account if what is happening in it alerts the system.

1. Reasons for account blocking

Using the products created by the Google team, it is convenient for web users to communicate with companies that offer them products or services. Thus, it is important for developers to remain a kind of intermediary that can maintain fair competition among advertisers and create a comfortable environment for the consumer. Therefore, advertising campaigns are moderated before launching – the system usually reports deficiencies or violations of the rules. As a rule, they can be corrected in time, so that blocking becomes the most serious punishment for violations, there must be a good reason for it.

According to the Google Ads Rules, there are 4 main categories of requirements that combine the reasons why the system may block an account:

  1. Prohibited activity.
  2. Prohibited content.
  3. Restricted content and features.
  4. Editorial and technical requirements.

Prohibited activity may include:

  • violation of the rules for using the advertising network: selecting and changing settings to bypass Google Ads rules and verification systems, promoting content with malware, and others;
  • Collection and use of data for purposes other than those agreed upon in advance;
  • Misrepresentation. For example, having promises that are untrue, disguised by distorted facts or not supported by anything – a guarantee of a hundred percent weight loss results when taking supplements.

Prohibited content is that which is not allowed to appear on the Google ad network. For example:

  • fake information about goods or services, falsified company information;
  • advertisements for dangerous goods or services such as drugs, weapons, pyrotechnics, etc.;
  • aiding and abetting unfair activities – e.g., instructions for hacking into computer systems;
  • presence of content that is unacceptable: offensive language and images, profanity, etc.

Content and features with restrictions imply consideration of the cultural and legal peculiarities of the region to show advertising. This applies to the topics:

  • alcoholic beverages and gambling;
  • Sexual content
  • health care and pharmaceuticals;
  • politics;
  • financial services.

Regarding the editorial and technical requirements for the quality of the advertisement, it is important to pay attention to:

  • certainty and specificity of the ad text;
  • the serviceability of the site;
  • compliance with the displayed and the actual target URL;
  • requirements for ad formats: limiting the number of characters in the title or text of the ad, image size, duration and aspect ratio of video, etc.

Other reasons for a Google account to be blocked are:

  1. Bypassing the system – attempts to tamper with and bypass advertising system restrictions. It occurs quite often.

For example, common:

  • adding special characters to text or images to bypass checks;
  • providing false information;
  • substituting content for a banned page, although the account was moderated by someone else;
  • repeated violations in the accounts;
  • attempting to promote a company from a new account after the previous one had been blocked.
Ad not allowed in Google Ads account

Fig. 3 – Denial of ad display

2. Presence of suspicious payments in the account.
In addition to the irregularity of the financial transactions you make, the following may lead to a blocking:

  • using a payment card that Google does not accept or is associated with an already blocked account;
  • presence of payment information that cannot be verified;
  • using cards that were created online and are not registered to the account owner.

There is also a non-obvious reason – since blocking is performed without direct human involvement, automatic verification may misjudge some factor. The account will end up being blocked by mistake.

2. What to do to avoid a ban

It seems clear that full compliance with Google Ads Guidelines and landing page requirements will prevent an account from being blocked. But once again, let’s stress what requirements are important to adhere to:

  1. Have one advertising account, write accurate information about the company, products or services.
  2. Paying bills on time in an account can often prevent problems related to the financial side of it. If it is not about repayment of debt, it may be due to fraud, such as withdrawal of payments, misuse of promo codes, which is unacceptable.
  3. If necessary, you may need to confirm the involvement of the account. To do this, you will need to fill out a special form:
Google Ads account recovery form

Fig. 4 – Account recovery form

4. If the account has already been blocked for promotion of fake goods, then you need to quickly delete not only advertisements, but also the product cards themselves from the Web resource.
5. If the ban has been issued for duplication of product advertising in different accounts, then you will need to remove advertising in one of them and then close it completely.
6. If ads have been running for a year, and no special changes have been made to the content of ads and content on the site, then there is a chance that the block was issued due to a system error.

3. How to unblock your account

How do I restore a blocked account? When all probable reasons for blocking have been considered and eliminated, the advertiser will need to fill out an appeal form.

Account recovery tool

Fig. 5 – Restoring a blocked account

Be sure to describe the problem and specify exactly what you did to get your account back. If you received a notification that the application has been processed, then all you have to do is to wait, it will be reviewed within five working days.

You will receive a notification about the consideration of your application by email. Since it is no longer an automated system that performs this check, but specialists, rejection is unlikely after you have taken action to correct the deficiencies. If your account is still not unblocked, you will have to look for the reasons again, fix them, and resend your request for verification.

Google Ads account unlock notification

Fig. 6 – Unlock notification

Unfortunately, the account unblocking procedure itself is quite unpleasant and takes a little longer than you would like. The more careful you need to be with Google’s verification algorithms and the more responsible you need to be to comply with the necessary requirements. It’s better to figure it out right away and do it right, rather than going through your options and guessing what caused your Google Ads account to be blocked.

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