Google Ads extensions

No advertiser would turn down a more efficient account setup. It is the list of extensions that Google offers that gives you the opportunity to add additional information about your company that can be added to your Google Ads ad.

Extensions are elements with additional information displayed in ads in addition to titles, descriptions and URLs. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Benefits of Google Ads extensions

If you use all of the suggested extensions, you are much more likely to achieve your company’s marketing goals. So, what are the benefits they can bring:

  1. Ads become more visible to the audience by increasing their space and appeal.
  2. The appearance of additional relevant information in the ad leads to more clicks, which means they bring in more customers.
  3. Using extensions allows users to click through to a product or service they are interested in directly from the search results.
  4. Ad extensions often allow you to increase the number of clicks or get as many, but at a lower cost per click. However, you need to select the best combination of extensions for a particular advertising campaign.
  5. Can be selected automatically, taking into account several factors, including statistics on the effectiveness and setting the target audience.
  6. These extensions are easy to manage – they can be exported or moved between levels (account, campaign, ad group);
  7. Since there are statistics for extensions, you can monitor their effectiveness.

Do you want to set up your advertising account more effectively and get the most out of it? To do this, you need to decide which of the proposed range of extensions will be useful for your business.

Ad extensions come in customizable (manual) and automatic. In manual extensions, the advertiser enters the information about his company by himself, while in automatic extensions Google Ads does it himself.
Many of the extensions are automatic by default, but you can also configure them manually. The method of manual configuration is more advantageous if you think about the future – it will always control the information that users will see and make each of your ads unique.

2. Manual extensions

Google Ads offers advertisers 10 manually customizable extensions:

  • Additional Links;
  • Clarifications;
  • Structured descriptions;
  • Images;
  • Forms for potential customers;
  • Phone numbers;
  • Prices;
  • Promotions;
  • Addresses;
  • Application links.
  1. Additional Links extension

The Sitelink extension suggests additional links that can be added to a search ad. The purpose is to increase the relevance of clicks according to customer needs. It has a maximum of 35 characters. Desktop extension allows 6 links, mobile extension allows only 4.
The maximum effect can be obtained in branded campaigns or when using keywords with broad relevance.

Google Ads Extension "More Links"

Fig. 1

  1. Clarifications extension

The clarification extension is similar to the additional links extension, only without the clickable option. Gives additional information and keeps the call to action in focus. Great for broad keyword matching. Presents a unique selling proposition. You can use no more than 25 characters.

Google Ads Ad Extension "Clarifications"

Fig. 2

  1. The Structured Descriptions extension

Structured descriptions provide three additional lines of text to highlight key aspects of the business. These include Brands, Courses, Places, Models, Training Programs, Styles, Types, Services, and others.
You can add up to 10 different types of values to the structured descriptions here.

Google Ads Extension "Structured Descriptions"

Fig. 3

  1. Images extension

You can add up to 20 images to your ad, but Google recommends using only 3 – 4.

Google Ads "Images" ad extension

Fig. 4

  1. Extension Forms for potential customers

Here you can add a form that will collect contact information of potential customers right from the search.

Google Ads Extension "Lead Forms"

Fig. 5

  1. Extension Phone numbers

Allows you to show a company’s phone number in ads, with users on a mobile device being able to call in one click by clicking on the extension.

Google Ads Extension "Phone Numbers"

Fig. 6

  1. Prices extension

Displays products and services with transparent pricing directly in the ad. But appears only when the ad is in the first position.

Ad extension in Google Ads "Pricing"

Fig. 7

  1. Promotions extension

Promotes commercials, coupons, promotions. Usually placed with the price tag icon, so the ad becomes more noticeable.

There are four options for promotions offered:

  • cash discount: $3 off each purchase;
  • Percentage discount: 5% today only;
  • discount up to a certain amount: discount up to $10;
  • discount up to a certain percentage: discount up to 75% off the price.
Google Ads extension "Promotions"

Fig. 8

  1. Addresses extension

This extension Google Ads is useful for large brands doing business across the country. It makes it easy to find nearby stores to buy the products a user wants. This extension is now available for retail chains and car dealerships in the U.S., Australia, and European countries.

Ad extension in Google Ads "Addresses"

Fig. 9

  1. The Links to Apps extension

This extension allows you to add a mobile app download button next to a search ad. It attaches the necessary icon, name and a configurable call-to-action button under the text ad.

Google Ads Ad Extension "App Links"

Fig. 10

3. Automatic extensions

Google’s algorithms offer 6 types of automatic extensions that can be added to text ads:

  • Seller Ratings;
  • Dynamic structured descriptions;
  • Dynamic additional links;
  • Dynamic refinements;
  • Automatic phone numbers;
  • Automatic Addresses.
  1. Seller Ratings extension

Adds a 5-star store rating according to a range of reliable Google review sources.

Google Ads Ad Extension "Seller Ratings"

Fig. 11

2. Dynamic Structured Descriptions extension

Shows information in the ad about the various categories of the advertiser’s site or other information that Google has deemed relevant.

Google Ads Ad Extension "Dynamic Structured Descriptions"

Fig. 12

3. Extension Dynamic additional links – a link to a popular offer or popular content on the web resource.

Google Ads Ad Extension "Dynamic Sitelinks"

Fig. 13

4. The Dynamic Refinements extension

If the advertiser’s landing page has company data that might attract potential customers, it can appear in the form of dynamic refinements. For example, (for example, “Certified specialists with 10 years of experience”.

Google Ads Ad Extension "Dynamic Refinements"

Fig. 14

5. Automatic phone numbers extension

Google Ads Extension "Automated Phone Numbers"

Fig. 15

6. Automatic Addresses extension

Google Ads Extension "Automatic Addresses"

Fig. 16

Google Ads generates automatic ad extensions by default if the content on the landing page of the site can be used for this (for example, the page has a phone number, an address, a description of product categories is offered).

4. How to use extensions effectively

To summarize, there are a few aspects to using Google Ads extensions effectively:

  1. Compose extensions so that they are clear and give maximum useful information to your potential customers.
  2. Apply all the extensions available in Google Ads that are appropriate for your ads. Exactly right for any business structured descriptions, contacts (addresses and phone numbers), additional links.
  3. When creating them, it’s worth highlighting the logic of display. At the level of the account are placed some types of extensions, more general, and at the level of individual groups are added, respectively, more relevant.
  4. Monitor the statistics of extensions, change them if the strategy does not justify itself and test their other combinations. If the automatic extensions that Google generates have a bad effect on the effectiveness of ads, then disable them in a timely manner.

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