How to change the region in the browser: tools and methods

The ability to change the city or country in the search is a very useful option for those who need to analyze competitors in the search results, provided that they are located in a different region. This will come in handy for browser extensions that make geolocation spoofing.

Previously, the GeoClever plugin was used for this purpose. But since it stopped working, there have been more advanced options for ranking competitors for various queries in other regions.

1. CleverGeo

An extension that is almost identical to the one that stopped working ‒ this is evident even from the name, not only from the interface. Today it is considered the best option among those offered.

After installing and activating the plugin, the CleverGeo button appears on the right under the search bar. If you click on it, a menu for entering the region will drop out. The last used ones are saved, they can be quickly reactivated. In order to disable the region, you need to click on the cross next to it.

Fig. 1 ‒ CleverGeo interface

Fig. 1 ‒ CleverGeo interface

Advantages: The plugin also allows you to adjust other viewing settings: change the display language, device type (for example, mobile or tablet), show 10-100 results per page.

2. VPN

It stands for Virtual Private Network ‒ virtual private network. It is a collection of technologies that can provide network connections over another network. A common way to hide your location and see ads shown in other regions.

For use on a PC, you can install the VPN Client software on your PC or add a browser extension. If you use Opera, you will find a VPN already built into it. Alternatively, you can add a browser extension through the Webstore. VPNs can be used on smartphones and iPhones by downloading mobile apps such as Cloak for iOS or OpenVPN for Android.

VPN changes the IP address by manually selecting the server location to connect to. Allows you to protect private data when using the Internet from being intercepted by hackers and to conduct safe activities on the Internet.

All VPNs are categorized as free and paid. Among the former, there are more often those that have problems with confidentiality and can transfer information to third parties.

Fig. 2 ‒ Touch VPN interface

Fig. 2 ‒ Touch VPN interface

However, for SEO purposes, VPN is not reliable enough ‒ the results may differ slightly from the real one, and the browser sometimes detects the address even with the use of a virtual private network. Location spoofing is possible with many VPNs, but be prepared for no traffic encryption when used alone.

Advantages: popular, used by many Internet users.

3. Location Guard

This is an official plugin from Google. It allows you to change your geographic location and maintain privacy.

Indisputable advantages ‒ it is free, easy to install in Chrome and Firefox. After installing the browser extension, geographic coordinates are set on the options page. In addition, setting other variables in IP geolocation is available here.

Fig. 3 ‒ Location Guard interface

Fig. 3 ‒ Location Guard interface

Benefits: As stated in the product description, the plugin has three customizable privacy levels. This means you can customize what you want for each website for flexibility: for example, you can specify a more accurate location for driving routes than for a request for a weather forecast. In addition, Location Guard protects the exact location detected using the JavaScript API.

4. Google Location Changer

Another free tool from Google. The required search results can be checked directly from the main page by filling in the fields.

Location Changer allows you to use Google search, conditionally transferring the user to another location: you will need to specify the request, country, city and language.

Fig. 4 ‒ Location Changer Interface

Fig. 4 ‒ Location Changer Interface

The information in the app is pulled from the “Preview” in Google Ads.

Advantages: Just below the main fields, you can choose from three types of device and see how the issue will be displayed one by one.

5. Precise Address Location Emulator

Great extension to quickly simulate location, eliminates the use of VPNs, proxies and IP address changes. You can set any address. The plugin is very fast, but repeated location changes take effect after a few minutes. Better to use the “Update Location” button at the bottom of the SERP to speed up the process for sure.

Fig. 5 ‒ Precise Address Location Emulator interface

Fig. 5 ‒ Precise Address Location Emulator interface

Benefits: Because it works as naturally as possible, the Precise Address Location Emulator is a great companion for verifying local PPC data and SEO.

6. SEO Search Simulator

SEO Search Simulator checks the rankings for the first 100 results of a given URL.

Fig. 6 ‒ SEO Search Simulator Interface

Fig. 6 ‒ SEO Search Simulator Interface

But there is an important detail ‒ in the case of this extension, only the country can be set, the option for a more accurate selection of location parameters (city, region) is not provided.

Benefits: This extension analyzes the results for search queries from any country.

7. Manual location change

This is how it is done in the Chrome browser. It is enough to follow a few simple steps:

  1. In the presence of Windows OS, the working key combination is [Ctrl + Shift + I].
    For MacOS, in turn, [Cmd + Option + I] is used.
    When you press this combination, the developer tools window should open in the browser.
  2. Next, you need to press Esc and expand the menu on the console that opens (three dots located in the lower left part of the screen).
  3. From the items of the drop-down list, select the item “Sensors” and change the geolocation to the desired one: select a city from the list or enter the name manually.
Fig. 7 ‒ Change of geolocation manually

Fig. 7 ‒ Change of geolocation manually

Advantages: Manually, without using any programs and extensions, it is easiest to change geolocation.

Thus, there are at least 7 options for changing the region, and which one is more convenient to use, everyone decides for himself. Certainly new tools will appear, as any technologies are updated and developed.

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