How to make money on YouTube in 2022

YouTube users watch about a billion hours of video every day. It is possible to make money from this – thanks to the systematic publication of videos and the interaction of viewers with them. Interesting content forms the loyalty of subscribers, therefore, the number of viewing hours increases, interaction with the audience increases. Is it easy to monetize your YouTube channel in 2022?

We offer five options for earning through YouTube. Practice shows that each rarely becomes profitable by itself, but their successful combination increases the chances of successful monetization. Youtube Creators has videos for beginners that you should watch before starting to monetize your own channel.

How to make money on YouTube, video

Fig. 1 – A selection of educational videos from YouTube

1. Through the affiliate program

YouTube is the only social network that has a partnership program with users. Advertisements are displayed according to social network algorithms, or advertisers independently set up targeting for their goods/services. If your channel is included in the list of those on which this ad will be displayed, you will receive money.

How to make money on YouTube, channel monetization

Fig. 2 – Content monetization rules

To partner with YouTube, you must have:

  • from 1000 subscribers on your channel;
  • from 4,000 hours of viewing content over the past year;
  • enabled two-step verification;
  • no active warnings about breaking community rules.

In addition to the direct partner program of YouTube, there is a multi-channel (MCN), which combines several YouTube channels. Network representatives help bloggers earn from content. Multi-channel affiliate networks have a large commission, but offer a simplified withdrawal procedure, additional promotion tools. This is the best option for beginners.

The difference between YouTube’s direct affiliate program and multi-channel is the portion of advertising revenue that the blogger receives. In the first case, you receive 55% of the advertisers’ payment, in the second – about 25%.

It is worth noting that the lowest withdrawal threshold is $100, and it grows accordingly with the development of the channel. To withdraw the money received from the partnership, you need to open a foreign currency account in the bank, enter payment details in your personal account and confirm your e-mail.

The amount of income from the YouTube affiliate program depends on:

  • the subject of the video clip and its quality;
  • the number of advertising impressions – at least the first 30 seconds of the video must be watched by the consumer;
  • advertisement format;
  • audience location;
  • video coverage.

You can get acquainted with the exact indicators of your income in your personal Google AdSense account or in your personal account of the partner program. Free services such as YouTube Analytics, SocialBlade or WhatStat will help you predict your own income level, taking into account the current indicators of your channel.

How to monetize videos on YouTube?

  1. After downloading the video content, you should go to the “Video Manager” section.
  2. You need to click next to the desired video “Change” or “$” next to it, on the “Monetization” tab.
  3. Next, select the ad formats that will be shown in the video and click “Save”.

2. Earnings on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a short video sharing platform. Since 2022, residents of Ukraine have joined those who have the opportunity to connect to the monetization of short videos. So, now there is an opportunity to shoot short videos and receive a bonus from YouTube from 100 to 10 thousand dollars per month. The reward is calculated from the special fund YouTube Shorts, the budget of which is equal to 100 million dollars.

The amount depends on the country of residence of the viewers, the number of views and other factors. Money will be available through the AdSense account associated with the channel.

How to make money on YouTube, YouTube Shorts

Fig. 3 – Example of YouTube Shorts

3. Sale of own goods or services

Depending on the topic of the channel – for example, gardening, Harley motorcycles, interiors, etc. – you can advertise your products by placing a link below in the description. That is, it can be a self-made mosaic of ceramic tiles in your bathroom, if you are looking for customers. Or the grown flowers you offer on your garden blog. Or a channel with test drives of motorcycles sold by your online store. Thus, the site will receive constant traffic from the YouTube channel.

How to make money on YouTube, thematic link

Fig. 4 – An example of a thematic link

4. Direct cooperation with advertisers

If you have more than 500k subscribers, good view statistics and significant YouTube reach, advertisers and brands will automatically contact you, especially if you have a common theme. Possible formats of cooperation are product demonstration in videos, reviews and newsletters, or placement of referral links on the channel.

For example, on Yevhen Klopotenko’s channel, there are useful links under the video after a detailed description of the dish. Yes, under the recipe for baked potatoes with lard in the description there is a link to the Varus chain of stores:,, ,…

How to make money on YouTube, cooperation with advertisers

Fig. 5 – Cooperation with advertisers

If you are not receiving incoming offers, there are advertising exchanges that take a commission, but find customers and reduce risks. So you open access to advanced statistics, and the potential customer chooses your or another channel.

5. Donate on streams

A stream is a real-time broadcast, for example, playing a game on a computer or demonstrating everyday life: people travel, share the process of mastering creative skills, for example, playing the guitar, cooking classes. With a successful stream, the “presence effect” should work for the viewer.

SuperChat allows you to collect donations during streams – a viewer can donate funds during a live broadcast by pinning this viewer’s comment above others, so you will notice and react faster. This option is available on all channels with connected monetization. The size of the commission for withdrawal of donations can be found only through the YouTube Analytics and AdSense reports.

6. Which YouTube trends should entrepreneurs pay attention to in 2022:

  • a general increase in the number of ads – they will now be shown on all channels, regardless of whether they have monetization enabled or not. Now it will be easier to find the target audience;
  • vertical format of videos – last year’s statistics showed that 70% of users watch YouTube from smartphones, that is, vertical content is more convenient for viewing on phones;
  • short entertainment videos in the YouTube Shorts format, which, by the way, are often shot in a vertical format;
  • integrated online services for the sale of branded merchandise – it is convenient for bloggers, because you can sell goods directly from YouTube. The channel owner only needs to place the assortment on his page in a special section.

So, in order to make money on YouTube, you need to create quality content, constantly interact with the audience and notice their consumer attitudes. And in order not to get banned, remember the following rules:

  • plagiarism of other bloggers will be removed from the network;
  • it is forbidden to post content about narcotic substances, alcohol, ambiguous topics (religious and racial discussions);
  • it is not recommended to use too much obscene language in videos;
  • you cannot monetize content that humiliates or provokes;
  • YouTube does not like recordings of risky and dangerous actions, cruelty.

It is possible to earn from running your own YouTube channel, the main thing is to gain the affection of the audience and work on it systematically. Good luck!

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