How to regain access to a Google account

The cases when you can’t access your Google account are frequent. First of all, you should identify the specific reason, and then, depending on it, restore access to the account (it does not matter if you are trying to access Gmail, Google Play, or Google Drive).

However, the most common cases in which it becomes impossible to access the Google Account:

  1. You forgot your password to your account.
  2. You forgot your username or your email address.
  3. You can remember all the data, but you still can’t access the account.
  4. Another person is using your account.
  5. There are problems with double authentication.
  6. It is not possible to reset the password using the code received by SMS.
  7. The Google account you’re trying to access is owned by a company, an educational institution, or another organization.
  8. The problem with the Google account is an owner under 13 years old.
  9. You are trying to access your Google account from a third-party service.

Let’s look at each case of renewing the account separately.

1. You forgot your password to your account

When choosing a password, give the most probable reason for it. If that does not help, you will need to verify the account’s importance.

Access to Google account, forgot your password

Fig. 1 – Renewing the account record

Go to the page of renewing your account and give the most accurate answer to the requested questions without missing them.

Access to Google account, renewal request form.

Fig. 2 – Request to renew the account record

There are two more conditions which you must follow in order to have a successful login to your Google account:

  • if possible, do it from a device you use frequently, from a web browser you know is right for you;
  • try resetting your password where you frequently access the account (at home or in the office, for example).

When you get a request to change your password, reset it. Choose a secure alternative that combines a combination of letters and numbers.

2. You have forgotten your username or email address

In order to verify your user name, you must know:

  • Your phone number or backup account email address;
  • Your full name in the account.
Accessing a Google Account, Forgot Your Email Address

Fig. 3 – Your email address

Further, to confirm access to the account you need to follow instructions.

Access to Google account, forgot your login

Fig. 4 – The name you entered in the account

Enter email address associated with the account you want to be notified about security. Or an alternative email address that will allow you to log in directly to the accounting record. But this option is possible only if you were able to enter an additional email address in the settings before you lost access to the account.

If the data you entered is incorrect, you will see the “Retry” button on the screen:

Access to Google Account, Wrong Data

Fig. 5 – Account record not found

3. You can remember all the data, but still can’t access your account

If you received a notification that the Google account is blocked, you should press “Restore access”.
You can also fill out a form for renewing your account.

Access to Google account, filling the order form

Fig. 6 – How to fill in the renewal request form

If the error notification looks different, you can use the troubleshooting tool, which lists a list of problems and additional tasks to fix them.

4. Another person is using your account

If you think someone else is using your Google or Gmail account and you did not authorize it, the best option would be to answer the questions on the account renewal page as accurately as possible. The terms and conditions of the same device and location are stored. First of all, you need to renew the user’s name and then, after checking the correctness of the account, log in again, change the password, etc. Against data theft you can use the “Password Protect” extension: you can add it to your browser and immediately receive an automatic notification when you enter third-party websites on the login page.

Calling the page to renew the account will help, if:

  • someone has changed your password or mobile number to renew it;
  • Your account is deleted.

You may need to sort out actions in your account that you didn’t perform. To check their presence, go to the account record, select “Security” – “Recent suspicious actions” – “Look at suspicious actions” on the left-hand side of the control panel.

Access to Google account, security

Fig. 7 – Settings and Recommendations for Protecting the Accounting Record

Access to Google account, secure your account

Fig. 8 – Change password to protect your account

If you see that it is not your doing – select “Don’t, protect account” option.

Access to the Google account, protect the ledger

Fig. 9 – New entry to the account on the device

If you have doubts about whether your account has not been compromised, read the Google Help on this topic. You can also check the devices you don’t know: “Security” – “Your devices” – “Manage all devices.

Access to Google Account, User Devices

Fig. 10 – Your apps

For consumers, click on the gadget that you do not identify, and select “Don’t you recognize something?

Access to Google account, someone else's device

Fig. 11 – “Don’t you recognize?”

5. There are problems with dual authentication

To regain access to your Google account, enter the confirmation code or follow the terms of use for the device you use frequently from the location where you log in from time to time.
If dual authentication is enabled, you can use a digital key, a backup code, or Google Authenticator code.

Access to Google Account, Double Check

Fig. 12 – Double check

If double authentication is disabled, go to the page on renewal of your account and give exact answers to the suggested questions. After logging in to your account, go through the security check.

6. It is not possible to reset the password using the code received by SMS

In this case, pay attention to whether you have Internet or whether you are not abroad, where confirmation codes are not received by SMS notifications. If everything is OK, you will find the page of troubleshooting tools useful, where you have to choose the required question and follow the further instructions.

7. The Google account you are trying to access is owned by a company, educational institution, or other organization

In this case, the reasons for the problem may differ:

  • the company may have several accounts at the same time, or you have made a mistake with the account; the user’s name is unknown to you or it doesn’t match the required logon;
  • the error lies not only in the logon, but also in the password.

In this case, you should use the instructions of this troubleshooting tool block.

8. The problem with Google account may be owned by an owner under 13 years old

If this reason is your option, you will only have to reset the password and enter a new one. Please note that this option is not available if your child already had a Google account before you set up parental control. It will not work until the child logs back in to her account. Control the child’s account by selecting her profile on this site.

Access to Google account, the rules of the game on the digital field for children

Fig. 13 – Family Group on Google

9. You are trying to access the Google Account from a third-party service

Since this is one of the most widespread problems, let’s talk about an invisible gadget and an invisible location. If you can’t get into an account, there are additional tips on this page.
But if you tried all possible ways and nothing worked, there is another option – to create a new Google account. Select a similar email address and a new user name. Ask about renewal options at a later time, such as a backup email account.
In any case, the options for accessing your account are plentiful, Google support offers help and has several tools for this. Also, we wish you to be respectful and save your account data. Don’t let the problem of renewing your account be a thing of the past!

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