Drop domains: principles of selection and use to promote sites

The use of expired domains is one of the effective ways to promote Internet projects. What parameters should be considered when choosing them? Where can I buy drop domains, including international ones? The answers to these and other questions were given in a detailed review by Alexander Kirik – PRPosting search engine optimization consultant. Below we bring to your attention a squeeze of the most important ideas that will be useful to SEO-specialists and entrepreneurs who are going to promote business online.

1. Domain and drop domain: what’s the difference

Even schoolchildren know what a domain is. In fact, this is the address required to recognize a site on the network. The better the domain name is selected, the more chances for a quick and effective promotion of the site. Simple addresses are easy to remember and not difficult to navigate.

A drop domain, which is also called expired, abandoned or deleted, differs in that its owner did not renew the registration on time. Removal of a domain from registers with complete termination of its existence occurs after 30–70 days. This period is determined by the rules of the domain zone. After that, the domain can be put up for auction and available for free sale.

2. Features of drop domains

  • An abandoned domain has its own history. It includes ratings and built-up link mass, which will be useful in website promotion.
  • The result of using a drop domain is an acceleration of site indexing and more effective promotion.

3. Principles for choosing an expired domain

As a rule, SEO specialists develop their own tactics for selecting a drop domain. However, it is possible to single out the basic characteristics that are necessarily taken into account by each optimizer:

  • Live traffic. Buying a domain immediately after registration is complete allows you to reduce advertising and promotion costs. If the site quickly returns to work, the authority gained earlier will contribute to the development of the next owner’s business.
  • Search engine visibility. It is not uncommon for a simple domain with acceptable parameters to not rank. The reason may lie in falling under the filter of search engines, detection of malicious programs on the site.
  • Age. The main purpose of purchasing a drop domain is to get a site that has been operating on the network for a certain time. However, it is important to make sure that it has not previously been used to post junk content, spam, pornographic content, and other illegal activities. You can get the information you need using the archive.org service.
  • High quality links. Backlinks are among the key ranking factors. A high-quality link mass of an abandoned domain plays an important role in increasing search engine rankings. At the same time, the presence of links to the site from dubious resources negatively affects the promotion.
  • Authority and trust of the predecessor site. To determine these indicators, special services are used ahrefs, moz etc. With a high level of trust on the part of search engines, the launch and development of a new project is much easier.
  • Relevance to the topic and ranking for key queries. This is especially true for launching business sites. Noticeable topic changes are likely to result in a rating downgrade.

4. Where to buy expired domains

Drop domains can be purchased at specialized domain name auctions, freely sold on public sites and specialized forums, personally from the real owner and from squatters who resell sites at a speculative price.

The choice of how to buy a drop domain depends on its characteristics, the estimated budget, and the scope of the company.

5. PRPosting: an expert opinion that is trusted

PRPosting – the leading article website promotion platform

Fig. 1 – PRPosting the leading article website promotion platform

PRPosting is a company that specializes in article promotion of sites. Reaching a solid readership is achieved by publishing information and advertising materials on sites with high traffic and user activity.

PRPosting is popular with business owners and has earned their trust due to the following competitive advantages:

  • more than 44 thousand donor sites from 177 countries of the world in the catalog;
  • only manual placement of publications in the system with daily control of the availability of published material on the site;
  • 100% guarantee for the placement of the material and a refund within a week if it is not available;
  • one-time payment and publication of material for the entire period of existence of the donor site page;
  • creation of unique content by expert authors;
  • convenient payment system for the client, support for five currencies, no commission for replenishment;
  • a tangible increase in the visibility and ranking of the site in the search results in the near future after the publication of the material.

The PRPosting service has an impeccable reputation and demonstrates excellent results regardless of the size of the project and the budget for promotion. The opinion of his consultants is trusted, as they have established themselves as reputable experts in the field and reliable performers.


This was only some of the important information about drop domains shared by PRPosting expert Alexander Kirik. You can read the full version of the review in the blog of the company “Drop-domains from A to Z: what is it, why, how and where to buy it.”

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