Actual services: what to replace the usual work programs

Digital marketing does not stop developing even in today’s extreme conditions. The need for Ukrainian specialists to review the tools for performing work has become all the more urgent.

We will tell users which services can be used instead of Russian ones. Many of them already have Ukrainian analogues, which are currently being improved. English-language sites, some with Ukrainian-language versions, also deserve attention.

1. PPC services

Contextual advertising became one of the most effective means of attracting attention during the war. The following services are indispensable for its configuration.

  1. The multifunctional Ukrainian platform Serpstat is well-known, but very useful for specialists in the digital field, in particular, for setting up advertising.
РРС service, Serpstat program

Fig. 1 – PPC analysis using Serpstat

2. Service for launching retargeting and native advertising Rontar. You can choose Ukrainian or English interface language.

РРС service, Rontar program

Fig. 2 – Retargeting capabilities with Rontar

3. Admixer is advertising management platform. Useful for advertisers, publishers and ad merchants. It only has an English interface, but auto-translation extensions in the browser will help those for whom this is a hindrance.

PPC service, Admixer program

Fig. 3 – Admixer service options

4. Clickky‘s mobile advertising and monetization platform will benefit both advertisers and publishers. The language is English.

PPC service, Clickky program

Fig. 4 – Clickky platform

2. SEO services

Search optimization is not too fast, but no less effective tool for achieving advertising goals. These useful services will help you.

  1. And in the field of SEO, the Serpstat platform remains the leader. Its use is indispensable for analyzing keywords and phrases, collecting semantics, analyzing competitors, and clustering. The basic level of functionality is free.
SEO service, Serpstat program

Fig. 5 – SEO analysis using Serpstat

2. The program for collecting results from search engines and parameters from SEO services Netpeak Checker. Useful both for a detailed analysis of individual competitors and an entire niche. Also has a free basic version.

SEO service, Netpeak Checker program

Fig. 6 – Properties of Netpeak Checker

3. The Netpeak Spider program looks for errors on the site and improves its technical SEO factors.

SEO service, Netpeak Spider program

Fig. 7 – Properties of Netpeak Spider

4. The SEO-Checker tool from Plerdy allows you to analyze the semantics for errors and conduct an SEO audit of the site. Its features are that it analyzes only those pages that have traffic, works separately on the desktop and mobile pages of the same web resource.

In addition, the Plerdy service has a click map, goal tracking, a conversion funnel and other opportunities to work on increasing site conversions. Free testing lasts 2 weeks.

SEO service, Plerdy program

Fig. 8 – SEO audit of the site page in the Plerdy service

5. A complete site audit will require an SEO tool like Sitechecker. Also includes site and position monitoring, link tracker and other options. It has a variety of languages.

SEO service, Sitechecker program

Fig. 9 – List of options on Sitechecker

6. The Getpin resource combines SEO and statistics, advertising, social networks and other areas. This platform will be useful for any digital specialist, regardless of his work profile, because all analytical tools of local marketing are concentrated here.

SEO service, Getpin program

Fig. 10 – Getpin platform solutions

7. It is impossible not to mention the top marketing service Ahrefs – a multi-disciplinary site for SEO specialists, founded by Ukrainian Dmytro Gerasimenko. It replaces most narrow-profile programs for optimization specialists.

SEO service, Ahrefs program

Fig. 11 – Ahrefs Tools and Metrics

8. SeRanking is an American company with an office in Ukraine, so the resource can be viewed in any convenient language. The site offers position checking, keyword analysis, backlink monitoring, page SEO checking, a lead generator and much more. 

SEO service, SeRanking program

Fig. 12 – SeRanking capabilities

3. Text content

Online marketing cannot survive today without high-quality content, because it is necessary to build relationships with the audience and deliver messages. In the selection below are programs that help create texts that work.


  1. One of the most convenient international services is Copyscape. It’s great for copywriters, bloggers, and other online professionals who need to make sure there’s a copy of their text somewhere else on the Internet. Verification is free, but without registration it is possible only a few times. The program works with different languages, but there is no interface in Ukrainian yet, you will have to use autotranslate. To check, you can either download the document from your computer, copy the text to the page or add a link to it.
Content service, anti-plagiarism Copyscape

Fig. 13 – Anti-plagiarism Copyscape

2. The Plagiarism Checker option not only determines the degree of uniqueness of the texts, but also checks the syntax and grammar. The algorithm looks for matches and determines the frequency of use of phrases. The service is free. This program also gives you the option to upload a file, add a link or paste the copied text into a special form.

Service for content, anti-plagiarism Plagiarism Checker

Fig. 14 – Anti-plagiarism Plagiarism Checker

3. The excellent Ukrainian plagiarism checking service Unicheck is designed for universities. But it will also be useful for authors of various content on websites. Quickly finds text matches and automatically generates an online report. Recognizes synonymization and the presence of citations. Integrates with cloud services.

Service for content, anti-plagiarism Unicheck

Fig. 15 – Unicheck plagiarism check

4. The Plag service checks the text for plagiarism, relying on a huge database of scientific articles and web pages, documents and books. It supports 129 languages, so you can choose Ukrainian or any other as you wish. Offers limited functionality for free to non-educators, but is primarily intended for education professionals. A detailed report of the results can be obtained by purchasing a premium rate.

Content service, anti-plagiarism Plag

Fig. 16 – Service Plag

5. The EduBirdie service checks all available online sources without requiring registration. The tool works both from a computer and from a smartphone.

Content service, anti-plagiarism EduBirdie

Fig. 17 – EduBirdie service

6. Functionally, the Copywritely tool is a little similar to the usual Advego in the sense that it shows the presence of water in the texts, sloppyness, will help track the occurrence of keywords. The service works with the main European languages, in particular with Ukrainian, although it does not have this language in the list. New users have 11 free text checks and the development of a similar number of TK for copywriters.

Content service, anti-plagiarism Copywritely

Fig. 18 – Copywritely plagiarism check

Spell check

  1. One of the most successful Ukrainian services is LanguageTool. It can be opened on a computer or run as an extension in a browser. The tool checks spelling, grammar and style in 32 languages. The free plan specifies work with texts up to 10,000 characters. A subscription can be purchased at will. In Ukrainian texts, he finds Russianisms and other mistakes, he has only one weak point – commas. The user has his own dictionary, which will later become the main prompt.
Content service, LanguageTool spell checker

Fig. 19 – An example of a spelling checker in the LanguageTool service

2. It is also worth noting OnlineCorrector, which automatically corrects errors in texts in the Ukrainian language. The service is an add-on for Google Docs, although you can work with it in Word as well. Its basic version is free, and in 2022, the service will transfer funds received for subscribing to the full version to the “Return Alive” fund.

Content service, spell check OnlineCorrector

Fig. 20 – OnlineCorrector service

3. The Grammarly platform corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in texts written in English, evaluates the clarity of expressions, and provides hints. As with other services, the basic version is free, but the advanced version is paid. You can work with the program online or install it as a browser plugin. After registering, the user will be able to choose a dialect of English.

Content service, Grammarly spell checker

Fig. 21 – Grammarly service

4. The Ginger service has the same features as a proofreader, supports more than 60 languages, and includes both a free promo version and a premium subscription. It works as a browser extension and is available for mobile installation. The program has the function of a personal trainer, which motivates the user to improve his own level.

Content Service, Ginger Spell Checker

Fig. 22 – Ginger service

An excess of foreign words in the text

«Словотвір» is a unique service for collective search of analogs of foreign words and terms. The project arose out of awareness of a problem when writing job vacancies for programmers. Now the catalog of the program has more than 3 thousand words. They are structured by section and by origin. And there are options that users did not like.

Service for content, excess of foreign words in the text, «Словотвір»

Fig. 23 – Service «Словотвір»

So we have already considered more than two dozen tools that Internet marketers can use every day instead of the usual ones. There are other programs that need further development. But the main thing remains the ability of specialists to get the desired result despite any technical changes. We wish users exactly this.

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