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Eugene Bondar, aka @dredastiy, in his latest post on the channel Dredasty SEO raised the topic of constant updates Google. He stated the fact that the search giant has more and more competitors for the attention of the user, and to fight with them, it is becoming increasingly difficult. And for seo-professionals, this is a new opportunity, rather than a disaster.

If you quote @dredastiy verbatim, then

"...Your site should be good enough that it is not profitable to be penalized.

The easier and clearer your shopping cart is, the more satisfied the user will be.

The faster your site loads - the fewer bounces and returns will be. 

Detailed and clear contacts will be easier to generate leads" – wrote Eugene. 

He emphasized: "...Having a good site, the chances of surviving an updater, even if you have a direct anchor piled on you, will be much higher. Give the search engine what it craves most – a satisfied user. There's no better search signal than a satisfied customer. And then the anti-spam algorithms will "turn a blind eye" to your forbidden techniques.


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