The new homepage for Google Analytics 4 resources is available

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The Google team has announced a new homepage in Google Analytics. You can access it by clicking on the page on the left navigation panel. It displays information about the user based on your behavior in Analytics. 

The homepage is more personalized as you continue to use Analytics. It consists of these parts:

  1. Review – shows you relevant indicators based on your behavior in Analytics.
  2. Real Time – Displays activity as it occurs using real-time data from the report.
  3. "Recently Viewed" refers to parts of Analytics that have been viewed recently.
  4. "Because you're frequently viewed" – Shows cards that are frequently viewed.
  5. "Statistics" – Shows significant changes, new trends, and other data about sites and programs.

Starting from early March 2022, more details about the GBRAID and WBRAID campaign in Google Analytics 4 are now available.


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