The Bulletin mailing service from Facebook has been launched

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Facebook launched its own Bulletin email newsletter service. In fact, this is an analogue of the popular Substack mailing service. It is planned that the project will remain separate from Facebook, so as not to limit the authors by the requirements of the social network.

On this platform authors will be able to create and publish newsletters, articles and podcasts. At their choice, access to the materials can be paid or free. The content will appear on the Bulletin website, directly on the authors' pages and in the Facebook news feed.

You don't need to sign in to your social media account to read the free content.

A paid subscription will open access to exclusive content and closed groups where you can correspond with authors. Readers will be able to pay for the subscription through Facebook Pay.

The social network has already entered into an agreement with several dozen authors who cover various topics - from finance to science. So, among them are the journalist The New Yorker Malcolm Gladwell, fashion designer and writer Tan France, sports commentator Erin Andrews. In the future Bulletin plans to expand its geography.


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