Google Ads API v8.1.0 Launch and Two New Bidding Functions Announced

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For the 8.1 API functionality to be available to users, they need to update the client libraries and client code. Library updates and code samples will be posted next week.

Two new bidding functions will now be available:

  1. The data exclusion feature allows you to ignore conversion data for the specified dates. This option is useful for tracking conversions on specific days.
  2. The seasonal adjustment will inform the system about the expected conversion changes. For example, due to upcoming promotions.

The new version also includes recommendations for ads in smart campaigns. Added SmartCampaignSuggestService, in which the system will offer three titles and two descriptions if the advertiser specifies a landing page and a keyword topic.

Another innovation is the adjustment of the conversion value. It works in three ways:

  • geographic location of users;
  • type of devices;
  • belonging to audiences.

The advertiser can use the ConversionValueRule and the ConversionValueRuleSet for adjustment.


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