Google Spam Links Update launched

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Today Google started rolling out an update aimed at fighting link spam. The process will take about 14 days.

Google employees gave site owners three important tips to avoid problems:

  • affiliate links were advised to set rel = "sponsored", whether the links were created manually or dynamically;
  • it is advisable to mark guest posts with rel attributes (probably, we are talking about sponsored or nofollow);
  • It is important for site owners to follow Google's guidelines for links, both inbound and outbound. Both the recipient of the link and the donor can be subject to automatic and manual measures.

It is expected that the new update will become more effective in combating link spam: it will be easier to identify and neutralize (for clarification, Google uses the word "nullifying"). It is not yet known which languages ​​it will cover. But sites that send out link spam will notice the change in search results.


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