YouTube has released three updates for community posts

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In May YouTube unveiled three features that are likely to be popular with users.

Analytics for YouTube community posts.

The new option will give video content creators the ability to see post metrics in YTA and track engagement rates. For now, these metrics will only appear on desktops, but YouTube plans to migrate them to the Studio Mobile app in the future.

Authors of posts who are eligible to use the community will be able to see how many times their posts have been shown and how their followers are responding to the content. This way video creators can better understand how their posts work with their audience and can use this information to guide their posting strategy. A deeper analysis will allow you to better understand the ROI of their community posts development.

Adding multiple images to a post.

YouTube is adding support for multiple images to community posts. This is another popular request from creators asking for permission to post more images in their posts, as on competing platforms. Previously, they could only add one image for each post, but now they can add up to 5 images per post.

YouTube said it will expand the possibilities for self-expression, which in turn will make content more dynamic for viewers. For now, support for multiple images will only be available on Android, but plans to expand the feature to iOS and desktops by the end of the year.

Scheduling posts to the YouTube community on iOS.

In its third update, YouTube allows video creators to schedule community posts on iOS. This feature was already available to creators on PC and Android. The feature is now available to all content creators, saving them time and increasing efficiency.


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