YouTube Shorts can now be created from other people’s videos

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The YouTube team talked about two innovations in its Creator Insider channel.

First, YouTube added the Cut function, which will allow you to use fragments of other people's videos when creating Shorts. The number of drafts became unlimited.

The Cut function allows you to cut between 1 and 5 seconds of someone else's YouTube Shorts or a classic YouTube video to add your own short. A link to the original video will appear in the video.

YouTube is also working on Shorts Green Screen, which allows you to select up to 60 seconds of someone else's video and use it as a background in Shorts. You can use the original sound or replace it with your own audio track. The tool has been live for some iOS users since May 2022, but will soon be available on Android.

Second, Shorts Drafts are now unlimited. Previously, you could save only one. Drafts are also available only on iOS so far.


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