The updated Assessor’s Guide is out

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On Oct. 19, Google updated the Assessor's Guide. It made more than 1,000 changes to the document, and the biggest updates were to the section on the lowest quality content associated with groups of people.

What's changed:

  1. The document updated some examples, wording, screenshots, redesigned the "Lowest Quality Page" section, and updated information about the reputation of Web sites and content creators.
  2. The definition of the YMYL subcategory "Groups of people" has been expanded. Google has added more examples of YMYL content for the section.
  3. Updated guidelines for researching the reputation of sites and content creators. Adjusted the definition of how reputation should be measured at the individual (site) level and what might be a good source of reputation information.
  4. Reorganized and updated the "Lowest Page Quality" section, including examples.
  5. The definition of "Upsetting-Offensive" (unpleasant or offensive content) has been simplified.
  6. There are minor changes throughout the document (updated some screenshots, URLs, wording and examples; removed outdated examples; corrected typos, etc.).

The updated Guide is available at the link.


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