There’s a 2-minute video about the impact of URL structure changes on Google Search

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Google has released a video in which John Mueller explained how changing URL structure affects search engine optimization. 

The expert noted that URL changes "don't go unnoticed by search engines," including Google. When a URL is changed, it can take months or sometimes a year before Google fully processes the address. And that's even if it's done correctly.

Thus, John Mueller's recommendations on the subject of changing the URL structure

  • weigh the possible risks, because a change can take time and affect the page's ranking;
  • it is important to choose the right time to make the changes;
  • create a list of old and new URLs, to track and spot changes afterwards;
  • "move" should be done according to the rules – check all pages for redirects in the Google Search Console report, set up 301 redirects, update internal mentions.

"More important" URLs are processed faster and "less important" URLs take longer.


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