A separate SafeSearch help document is out

The source – developers.google.com 

SafeSearch is an automated results filter for adult, potentially offensive content, violence, and cruelty in Google Search and Google Images.

A new document explains how SafeSearch works, how to tell if Google is filtering your content, how to optimize your site for SafeSearch and how to fix potential problems.

After the changes are made, it will take 2-3 months for the algorithms to process them.

What are some methods to help optimize your site for SafeSearch:

  1. Place metadata on pages with potentially inappropriate content. There are two options:

<meta name="rating" content="adult" />



<meta name="rating" content="RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA" />


Choose one of these meta tags. This method will help if your site has only a few frank content out of hundreds of pages.

2. Group explicit content separately from the main site.

If your site has a lot of potentially inappropriate content, but there's also safe content, Google advises you to ungroup them. 

For example, allocate explicit content to a separate domain or subdomain at the same time as adding metadata:


Or into a separate section:


If you don't do this, Google will filter all of your site's pages in the Safe Search results. 


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