Google’s 2021 Search Engine Spam Report is out

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Google has released its annual report on search engine spam. 

According to the company, SpamBrain, a machine-learning-based spam identification system, detected 6 times more spammy sites in 2021 than in 2020. 

What other information the company provided:

  1. The number of spammy sites that have been hacked has decreased by 70% in the output. 
  2. The number of fraudulent sites is down 40%. 
  3. Google was able to detect and ensure that 99% of queries were spam-free. 
  4. Progress is noticeable in the fight against different types of spam - the search engine is better at detecting fraudulent, hacked, low-quality sites. 
  5. It's also better at detecting unnatural links in different languages and eliminating their impact on search results. 
  6. Efforts are being made to reduce the amount of low-quality content and ranking manipulation. 

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