Meet the new features from Instagram

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Instagram is launching new features. Among them are publishing posts from the desktop and 3D lyrics in Reels. In addition, with the help of a special option it is possible to raise funds for nonprofit organizations.

The ability to publish posts from a computer has been available again since Oct. 19. This feature was already available in 2010, but then it was canceled.

As of yesterday, October 19, 2021, there is also a Collabs feature that allows two users to publish posts together. These posts will share comments, views and likes.

On Oct. 20, Instagram introduced a special fundraising option for nonprofits.

As early as tomorrow, October 21, the innovations will be launched in Reels – users will be able to visualize them with three-dimensional song lyrics. Also from now on users will be able to post photos and videos of no more than 60 seconds from any platform that does not have the Instagram app.


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