Victor Karpenko explained how to calculate the cost of SEO

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In a recent post, Viktor Karpenko, the head of SeoProfy, explained why it is impossible to give an immediate exact answer to the question of calculating the costs for SEO.   

Drawing an analogy with going to the doctor, Viktor said that it is absolutely normal to initially obtain the data (f.e., examination), to analyze them, and then to prescribe a treatment or to do nothing. With regard to SEO, it is most correct to analyze the situation as thoroughly as possible before launching the project, and then decide on the most useful strategy.

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"How to really calculate the cost of SEO?

1. Collect semantics (the more the better, but as your resource allows) = it already takes time.

2. Make a summary (dashboards) for each cluster = total: content, links, age, Google scores, other.

3. Make a summary of links: which links, which anchors, what number, what dynamics, what cost.

4. Make a summary of content: the volume, quality, optimization.

5. Make a summary of technical information.

6. Calculate the cost of everything + breakdown by months.

7. Predict the traffic and its dynamics (here you can super approximately).

8. Estimate the costs.

9. Apply to your team/company.

10. Get the real amount."

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