YouTube will increase monetization opportunities for Shorts, live shows and regular videos

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The company's chief product officer, Neil Mohan, spoke about the platform's plans for 2022.

  1. There will be new monetization features

Right now, authors can make money from short Shorts videos through the Shorts Fund. The fund is available to all bloggers. YouTube plans to continue paying out through the Shorts Fund and offer creators additional options for earning from short videos. The platform will soon begin testing the ability to create branded Shorts through the BrandConnect program.

Shorts will begin to support superchats that already work for regular videos. In them, viewers will be able to buy dedicated messages. YouTube will also test the ability to shop directly from Shorts.

  1. Earnings will become available during YouTube Live

YouTube plans to give users the ability to buy sponsorships as gifts for other viewers during live streams. The feature is being tested with a limited number of YouTube channels and will get a wider launch in the coming months.

  1. NFT technology will evolve

Monetization opportunities through blockchain and NFT will appear. For example, bloggers will be able to sell videos, photos and art in the form of NFT tokens. No timeline for when the technology will be added yet.

  1. Remix functionality will be upgraded
  1. There will be new editing tools for remixes, such as the ability to add video effects
  1. There will be replies to comments with Shorts
  1. Joint broadcasts with multiple authors will be launched
  1. There will be new data in the Creative Studio to help generate ideas for future videos
  1. A meta-universe is being developed that plans to focus on game content

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