TikTok now has instant-load landing pages

The source – tiktok.com  

TikTok has introduced Instant Page landing pages to advertisers around the world. They contain company or product information and load up to 11 times faster than a standard mobile site. 

Instant Pages can be added to the promotional videos that are shown in the TikTok recommendation feed. 

The main task of Instant Page is to provide a comfortable way for a potential customer to buy. It looks like this: watch the video → go to the Instant Page → go from the Instant Page to the advertiser's website to perform the target action.

To create an Instant Page, the system offers ready-made templates: just choose one, add text, images or video to the page and a button with a call to action which, when clicked, will redirect the user to the company website.

Advertisers can also optimize campaigns based on conversions and actions on Instant Page. This helps reduce the cost of a user's targeted action by 40%. You can use TikTok Pixel to improve optimization on a company's website.


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