There are 4 new features in Google Ads statistics by audience

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There will be 4 new tools in Google Ads audience statistics (Insights): 

  • demand forecasts; 
  • analysis of consumer interests; 
  • audience analysis; 
  • change and auction history statistics. 
  1. Demand Forecasts is a tool that predicts demand fluctuations over the next 6 months. The forecast is developed based on the seasonal trends of the past years. Uses machine learning technologies. The tool visualizes the dynamics of demand and predicts its growth and decline as a percentage.
  1. Consumer Interest Analysis – the tool prompts the advertiser for the most effective search query topics in their campaigns. With its help the system: 
  • analyzes user behavior and existing advertising campaigns;
  • informs about the most effective topics of queries; 
  • signals changes in the display of ads on these topics.
  1. Audience analysis – evaluates the effectiveness of existing creatives for audiences with different interests.
  1. Change History and Auction Statistics – a section with statistics showing how changes in campaigns or auction competition affect ad performance.

All four features are in beta testing.


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