A recording of Mikhail Shakin’s report on the differences between SEO in Runet and the English-language segment has been posted online

The source – youtube.com

Yesterday's speech by Michael Shakin at the World Battle SEO specialists is already available for viewing. 

Here is a summary of the differences between SEO in Runet and Bourges from the report:

1. The main player in the market in the English-speaking segment – Google, we must focus on him.

2. The main thing in the promotion in Google, other things being equal, are the links. 

3. Mentality is very important, it is difficult to explain in words. 

4. In the English-language segment there are no normal link exchangers, because Google successfully fights them for many years. 

5. A narrow specialization prevails. Specialists in English-language SEO is mainly immersed in a particular subject.

6. Filters Google in runet not included in the full power, because the market for runet for Google is secondary.

7. There is such a trend as blogging on commercial sites.

8. There is more competition, profit and cost in the bourgeoisie.

You can watch a recording of the report here:


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