Added term “crypto redirect” to redirect guide

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Google has updated the redirect reference guide. It details the different types of redirects and their impact on sites in search, and adds a new way to move to another site – "crypto-redirect" for cases where normal redirects are impossible. The title of the guide has changed from 301 Redirects to Redirects and Google Search. The document has not yet been translated into Russian.

All redirects are divided into two groups: permanent and temporary.

List of permanent:

  • HTTP 301 (moved permanently);
  • HTTP 308 (moved permanently);
  • meta refresh (0 seconds);
  • HTTP refresh (0 seconds);
  • JavaScript location – in cases when server-side redirection or meta refresh is not configured;
  • Crypto redirect.

List of temporary:

  • HTTP 302 (found);
  • HTTP 303 (see other);
  • HTTP 307 (temporary redirect);
  • meta refresh (> 0 seconds);
  • HTTP refresh (> 0 seconds).

A crypto redirect is a regular link, in the anchor of which it is written, for example, "We have moved": <ahref = ""> We have moved! Look for content on our new site! </a>

Then Google will be able to treat this link as a redirect, but it is recommended to use the option only if others are not available.


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