Google Analytics 4 will display the Ad Status page

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Google Analytics 4 advertisers will have access to the Advertising snapshot page. All reports, tips for working with the analytics system and other useful materials will be collected there.

The page will have 3 summary dashboards:

  1. Number of conversions grouped by channel. Default information.
  1. Conversion paths with information about the most popular chains that lead to them.
  1. Comparison of models. Shows how the result changes when the attribution model changes.

Also in Google Analytics 4 the attribution settings page will work: there you can select an attribution model for reports and set up a lookback window.

In the "Attribution Model in Reports" section, the analyst can select the one that will be used to calculate the conversion value in all reports in the Google Analytics resource. The attribution model change will apply to current and future data.

The lookback window determines how long ago the interaction had to take place in order to gain value. For attraction-related events, the default window is 30 days, which can be reduced to 7 days. For other events, the window is 90 days by default, but it can be changed to 30 and 60 days.


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