Telegram is now allowed to run medical ads

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Telegram has updated its advertising policy for medical products and services.

Now it is forbidden to promote only uncertified services and drugs in the messenger, advertising is allowed for others.

Telegram's requirements for medical products:

  1. Must successfully pass all checks in accordance with local law.
  2. Can not be associated with dubious and unconfirmed methods of treatment.
  3. Advertisers must invest at least €2 million in the Telegram advertising platform to start promoting their products and services.

The following are not allowed to promote via Telegram:

  • nutritional supplements and nutritional supplements;
  • products sold in stores without proper state certification;
  • unlicensed devices, services and treatments;
  • drug prescriptions;
  • means that do not have proven effectiveness for health, as well as a therapeutic or stimulating effect.

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