The new version of Telegram allows you to create sounds, configure timers and manage bots

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The latest version of Telegram contains many interesting updates for users:

  1. More accurate translations from more languages – including Ukrainian. The iOS app now supports translation from all languages available to Android users.
  2. Custom notification sounds – you can click on a short audio file or voice message in a chat, add it to the list of notification sounds and use it in any conversations.
  3. Turn off notifications for any period of time – you can not choose from the suggested options, but customize them to your liking.
  4. Auto-delete menu in the chat profile – enable automatic deletion of messages in any chat using a timer.
  5. Saving responses when forwarding – the ability to quickly navigate to the original message can. These same reply previews are now included when forwarding messages to other chats
  6. Next-generation Telegram bot – presents tools to create an endless variety of interfaces in JavaScript.
  7. Quick setting up of admin bots.
  8. Picture-in-picture mode on Android.
  9. New animations and animated emoji – updated phone number changing interface, added pictures.

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