Keyword density guidelines found in Google training course

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Western SEO experts have drawn attention to the recommendations for the amount of content on a page and keyword density outlined in the "Keyword Research and Selection" section of Google's digital marketing training course: 

  • content on the page should contain at least 300 words so that the page is more likely to rank high in search results; 
  • keyword density should be around 2%, which means "2% of the words on the page or less should be the target keywords; 
  • keywords should be used only once in the following sections on each web page headline, subheadline, first paragraph, main conclusion. 

The course was launched by Google on May 2, 2022, and is hosted by the search engine's staff. However, Danny Sullivan, a Google employee, responded on Twitter that the team that developed the course is not affiliated with Search engine employees. 


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