Google has no limits on indexing a single site

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John Mueller spoke about Google's lack of a limit on the number of indexed pages from one site in a new issue of the #AskGooglebot video series.

He also elaborated on the differences between static and dynamic content in terms of indexing priority.

1. It doesn't matter if the page is static or dynamic, Google does not see the difference between the two: it is not necessary. Sometimes sites try to pass dynamic pages as static ones by adding the .html extension, but that doesn't change anything.

2. Another aspect is the limitation of indexing. Google has no indexing restrictions. But he tries to focus resources where, according to the system, it is necessary. For example, a completely new site with many pages Google will not index all at once, since it is not yet known how valuable the site's content is to the web. Pages of a well-known site with proven value will be indexed faster and more completely. This process is fully automated.


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