Immersive View Mode Developed in Google Maps

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By the end of the year, Google Maps will add Immersive View for selected cities and the ability to use AR Live View in third-party apps. It is assumed that it will be an intuitive cartographic mode, based on a combination of data Street View and satellite images. 

With its help, the user will plunge into the atmosphere of the selected place and, of course, get the most information.

For example, when planning a trip, thanks to the new "immersive view" the user will be able to: 

  • virtually see the neighborhood and the stunning architecture from above; 
  • evaluate how the area looks like at different times of the day and in different weather conditions; 
  • see where the busiest places and pedestrian zones are; 
  • explore nearby hotels and restaurants, assess their congestion and transport accessibility. 

Service Immersive View will be available for London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo by the end of the year. Later it will work for other cities.


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