Google Ads landing page requirements will change in March

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Google has recognized that it is not entirely correct to apply the "Non-working landing page" section rule to pages that are in development or unavailable for display, including in certain regions.

Therefore, Google Ads will change the definition of a non-working landing page in its rules. The current bans and restrictions will remain the same, but their wording and application will be clearer:

  1. Messages like "This site is under development" will refer to the "Not enough original content" section of the rules.
  1. Messages such as "This site is not available in your region" or "Technical work in progress" will fall under the new "Target Page Not Available" section.
  1. Under "Target Page Not Working," there will be an updated definition of the violation: "Sites that don't support standard browsers or devices, or pages that cause a server, HTTP client, or authentication error when opened.

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