Testing of Topics within the Google Privacy Sandbox has started

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Google has begun testing its new Privacy Sandbox targeting ad placement system in the Chrome browser.

Privacy Sandbox will enable cross-site interaction without the use of third-party cookies and other tracking mechanisms. Thus, it will provide more privacy by limiting the use of personal data, but maintaining accuracy.

Privacy Sandbox

The Topics technology is to replace the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) technology, which was shut down in January. It works like this:

  • collects a list of user interests based on browser history without involving external servers;
  • having identified them, shares these interests with partners.

Privacy Sandbox Product Director Vinay Goel said today developers can begin global testing of Topics API, FLEDGE and Attribution Reporting in Chrome Canary. 

FLEDGE (First Locally Executed Decision over Groups) will allow the calculation of ad auction data in the browser itself, and not on the server. Attribution reports will help you to better measure conversions based on clicks or ad views.

You can check the relevance of ads using the new API, which allows you to:

  • conduct remarketing;
  • measure the number of advertising clicks without tracking user behavior on the Internet.

In the Browser-Based Ads Personalization section users will be able to:

1. Remove interests ranked by browsers or specific resources that affect the list of interests.

2. Control ad evaluation and choose how to fight spam and fraud so that advertisers can more easily detect bots.


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