Seller ratings are now included in regular Search

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Google is testing the inclusion of seller ratings in regular search snippets. Based on the site's ranking in the Google Merchant Center, the corresponding number of stars is displayed in the SERP.

Here's a list of the sources that Google Shopping seller ratings can be based on:

  • Google Customer Reviews: A program that collects customer reviews on behalf of sellers for free after purchase;
  • reviews of purchases for the store's domain, including reviews from Search users and from other sources;
  • aggregated performance metrics based on Google Shopping Research.

Since the pages where the test was seen were not using markup, this means that the seller ratings were sourced from the same sources as Google Ads. This is worth paying attention to SEO specialists – sites can have a seller rating without even buying Google Ads.

Anyone with a product feed uploaded to the Google Merchant Center can have a seller rating.


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