Google has allowed those who comply with its advertising policy to use email lists

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Email lists are allowed to be used by more advertisers. Google Ads has made email lists available in two modes: 

  • "Observe" - in all accounts that do not violate Google Ads' advertising policy for 90 days;
  • "Targeting" - in accounts where total advertising spend was more than $50,000.

All accounts that comply with the advertising policy for 90 days or more can:

  • use email lists to monitor;
  • similar audiences - to track performance and exclude audiences from campaigns.

Advertising accounts with expenditures over $50,000, subject to the advertising policy of 90 days or more, can: 

  • Use email lists for targeting; 
  • similar audiences - for email lists to monitor performance, reach and engagement with audiences, change bids for audiences and exclude them from campaigns.

Google suggests using features for email lists as follows:

  1. The "Targeting" setting - to recommend relevant products that customers might be interested in after they buy.
  2. The "Watch" setting - to plan further actions, such as adjusting bids based on certain criteria.
  3. Similar audiences - to attract users who are similar to your current customers.
  4. Manual Bid Adjustment - to increase bids for users who frequently buy from you.
  5. Exclusions - to avoid showing ads to users who have recently made a purchase and are unlikely to buy from you again soon.

Google Ads has also added an email list download preview. The feature allows you to apply a suggested fix right in the interface and will help you avoid errors due to incorrect formatting.


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