Telegram launches content protection feature for channel authors

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Changes to the messenger: 

  1. Ban screenshots and forwarding messages feature

To enable protection, you have to click on "Group/Channel Type" in the settings and "Prohibit Copying."

Now the authors can prohibit subscribers: 

  • forward messages from channels; 
  • take screenshots of their screenshots; 
  • save photos and videos published in channels. 
  1. Ability for authors of anonymous channels to leave comments under posts on behalf of the community.

Now you can not leave a comment from your personal profile. To do this, click on the image to the left of the input field. The update will help authors keep their privacy.

  1. Option to delete a message in a specific time period for all participants of a conversation in personal chats. 
  1. Setting to automatically delete messages a day, a week or a month after publication.

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