Telegram unveiled a new list of updates

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Changes that have appeared in Telegram: 

  1. From the profile of any chat room, you can now quickly view all the photos, videos and files that have been sent to it. The Media, Files, and Voicemail tabs now have a moveable date block.
  2. You can adjust the number of items displayed on the screen by pinching and swiping.
  3. There is a calendar that shows when objects have been received or sent. To do this, open the Media menu or tap on the date block.
  4. There is a choice in the menu whether to show only photos, only videos, or both.
  5. You can create special invitation links for groups and channels, joining from which requires the approval of the application by the administrator of the chat.
  6. There are new interactive emoji.
  7. Many new options have been created on iOS:
  • global color themes;
  • travel time to geo-position; 
  • quick photo captions; 
  • an updated settings section.

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