Spark Ads is a new ad format from TikTok

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The new ad format from TikTok makes it possible to add regular publications with all their functions to campaigns. This allows you to drive traffic to the advertiser's profile, increase the promotion by adding organic content to the ad, and reduce the difference between the number of clicks and conversions.

A brand can use a post from its own account as an ad. Or videos of other authors, but with their permission.

Ads are shown in In-Feed Ads, the so-called recommendation feed, and in TopView, ads that are automatically played when the application is launched. The text and title cannot be corrected, they are pulled from the publication automatically.

Spark Ads format is available for campaigns:

  1. With Auction: Reach, Video Watch, Interaction (Beta), Traffic, Conversions, and App Install goals.
  1. With reserved placements: Reach and Frequency targets (in beta).

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