Google Search Central recommendations for optimizing adult content

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The section of recommendations for working with videos within Safe Search has been updated: there are tips for optimizing adult content.

To avoid filtering your entire domain with SafeSearch, Google recommends:

  • group adult content in one place separately from other videos on the site, preferably on a subdomain or, if possible, on a separate site;
  • adding metadata for adult content is one of the strongest signals to help you understand if filtering is needed for Safe Search. This markup allows Google to choose whether to filter the entire page or just a specific video when Safe Search is enabled.

The following meta tags are suggested for adult content:

<meta name = "rating" content = "adult" />

<meta name = "rating" content = "RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA" />

In the absence of metadata, the search engine looks at signals generated using machine learning, as well as simpler features. For example, where the video was used before and in what content.


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