Referral links: whether to hide

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In the new issue of #AskGooglebot, John Mueller answered whether to hide referral links on your site.

A referral or affiliate link is an advertising link to other Internet resources of companies. When users click on it and buy/order services, the owner of the site on which the link is posted receives money.

You cannot hide such links: hiding any content from search robots is contrary to Google's recommendations. But this is not necessary, according to John Mueller.

There are only two conditions that must be met:

  1. Post on your site only original content that is interesting to users.
  2. Both the user and the search engine need to know that this is an affiliate link.

To explain to Google systems that this link is a paid link, you need to use the rel = "nofollow" or rel = "sponsored" attributes. When using JavaScript to add affiliate links, it is important to add the appropriate attributes.


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