Adopted a bill on Diya.City

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Today, July 15, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading the Law "On stimulating the development of the digital economy in Ukraine." It is known as the "Diya.City Act" and establishes a special legal regime for the digital industry.

IT companies receive:

  • a separate procedure for interaction with government agencies;
  • flexible terms of employment;
  • special taxation model.

Startups, outsourcing, R&D and grocery IT companies can become residents.

The law defines the organizational, legal and financial basis for the functioning of the legal regime of Diya.City. Its goal is to create favorable conditions for the development of the IT sector and attract investment. It is expected that Diya.City will help increase the share of IT in Ukraine's GDP to 10% instead of the current 4% on average, and will increase the number of jobs to 450,000 people.

Taxation in Diya.City looks like this:

  1. Personal income tax – 5%.
  2. The minimum rate of ERUs for employees of resident companies (22% of the minimum wage).
  3. Military tax – 1.5%. four.
  4. Income tax – 18% or tax on withdrawn capital – 9%.

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