Bounce rate, CR metrics and other updates in Google Analytics 4

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The Google Analytics 4 team introduced new parameters and metrics that will allow you to get bounce information, additional UTM parameter values ​​and CR values ​​for any conversion events.

Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions without interactions with the page. Inversely proportional to Share of Sessions with Interactions. Will be available in Reports and Research settings.

The new UTM parameters will allow you to display the value given to the UTM parameters at the user and session level:

  • for utm_content: manually added session advertising content; manually added advertising content of the first user;
  • for utm_term: added session keyword manually; manually added keyword of the first user.

Options will be available in Reports, Research, and Audience Builder.

Conversion rate indicators will allow you to add CR data to reports for any conversion event:

  • user conversion rate – the percentage of users who initiated a conversion event;
  • session conversion rate is the percentage of sessions in which a conversion event was triggered.

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