A new tool for analyzing similar queries in Google has appeared

The source – searchengines.guru 

A new SEO tool has appeared on the web – People Also Ask Tool. It is designed to get data for similar queries on Google. The tool will come in handy for those professionals who work in the English-speaking segment of the Internet.

It can be used:

  • to search for queries related to a specific topic;
  • to rank found queries by importance.

Benefits of using this tool:

  1. You can better understand your audience through the questions they ask.
  2. Identify important ideas and topics that are overlooked due to low search volume.
  3. Improve existing content based on understanding user intent for a specific topic.
  4. Find the questions users ask about the company.

The People Also Ask Tool is stated to support three input types:

  1. Keywords – Search using keywords or phrases that should be contained in similar queries.
  2. Domain – enter a domain and find all the questions in the blocks with similar queries to which it answers.
  3. URL – Enter a specific URL and find all the questions it answers.

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