Web Stories reports appear in Google Data Studio

The source – blog.google

Website owners will now be able to analyze the effectiveness of their publications in the Web Stories Insights Dashboard. Google has created a Web Stories dashboard for Data Studio.

These are full-screen mobile stories shown in Google's search and Discover recommendations feed, formerly called AMP Stories. It's not available in all countries yet.

What the dashboard consists of: two main tabs "Overview" and "Story Level" on the dashboard. 


  1. Main metrics: stories started, page views, time spent, and completion rate.
  2. Audience metrics: age, gender, device.
  3. Most Popular Stories: Top 10 stories for the period.
  4. Traffic channels: where users found and read web stories (organic search, direct search (including Discover), referral, social media, or email).
  5. Performance at the story level: key metrics and a breakdown of views by individual stories.

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